Brands & Vendors

Barefoot Venus - Canada

Cindy, Lisa and Myra, three Canadian sisters both to work, play and create together use Mother Nature's legendary powers to beautify the body and help heal the spirit, the philosophy of Barefoot Venus emerged!  Old time ingredients consciously crafted to provide serious skin treatments & a wildly angelic experience.  



XX lip Balm - Canada

XX uses organic ingredients when we can and is proudly made in Vancouver, Canada using local beeswax from Surrey. We are incredibly excited to start our lip balm journey here in Calgary and getting to meet you (customers, vendors, and everyone in between) has been the most rewarding part of starting XX. 


Shoyeido - Japan . USA

For over 300 years, Shoyeido incense has cultivated the art of blending natural ingredients into an array of soothing, low-smoke fragrances.  Shoyeido never uses bamboo sticks, animal products, or perfumes.  Instead, they carefully mix select herbs, woods and spices in precise proportions, which we shape into sticks.  The outcome is pure, natural, subtle incense, every time.  Shoyeido has remained a family-owned and operated company since its beginnings in 1705.  Our skilled craftsmen continue to practice many of the same techniques handed down through twelve generations.  


Lemon Lily - Canada

Lemon Lily makes 100% natural and certified organic teas which are free of artificial flavours, glutens and GMOs.  Lemon Lily is also nut free!!

Lemon Lily works with top tea estates and organic farms from around the world, adopting modern and traditional practices that have created some of the most exciting and delicious teas on the planet.



024 - USA

Safe and natural topical pain relieving spray which combines pure essential oils without the use of alcohol, glycerin, synthetics, chemical binding agents, or preservatives unlocking the full potential of all ingredients.




Since 1988 Rae Dunphy Aromatics has endeavoured to provide the best that Aromatheraphy has to offer, being the most experienced merchant of Essential Oils in Canada.  From our inception we have travelled the world for small boutique farmers who provide the ultimate in organic, wild-crafted and unusual essential oils.